Birthday * Cock Rock

For m' boy's birthday yesterday, I began the evening with a lovely mooshy greeting card, which he seemed to love more than anything. I think his mama brought him up on mooshy greeting card sentiment. Hehe. Since his custom converse are slated to arrive on Monday, I had to include a picture of his gift-to-come:

...and I also promised a trip to Magic Mountain in the near future, since he's been dying to go lately. I've decided that one half of me really enjoys rollercoasters and the other half makes me want to hurl whenever I think of making that 2 mile-per-hour crawl to the top of rollercoaster hell. My fear of heights is worsening with old age. Heh.

After presents, we headed out to Hollywierd for a short band practice. Is it just me or are people in fucking Hollywood fucking completely? Haha. The more I avoid the place, the more I adore it and absolute abhore it at the same time.

Post practice, we headed over to The Rainbow and waited a freaking hour for our food to arrive. The Linguini with white clam sauce was spectacular as always though. Yum.

Last night was the first time in a while I didn't drink anything at the Rainbow (designated girlfriend driver), which left me quite perceptive to the fact that the place was filled with yummy 30-year-old women gettin' their thang on and bursting out in their group renditions of En Vogue. What the hell, people? It's the fuckin' Rainbow not American Idol! Sheesh. We did happen to meet a couple cool guys outside by the bar though towards the end of the night, but OF COURSE, they weren't from around here. Hence, the niceness.

Tonight, my parents have to decided to take us to Benihana's in Encino for the boy's continued birthday celebration:

I love this theatrical food stuff. Flying shrimps and knives, volcanos of onion ring fire... haha. It's great and the boy's been wanting to go since his niece and nephew went to a similar restaurant in New Orleans on their last vacation.

Tomorrow, we must brave the depths of hell -aka- an outdoor pavilion in the middle of 100 degree sweltering weather to witness the big hair metal 4th of July extravaganza with Poison, Cinderella & Slaughter. Despite the long-ass drive, $10 bottles of water, the mile hike from the car to the venue UPHILL, the need for 8 lbs of sunscreen and no chance of looking "hawt" for the sake of comfort and coolness, I'm rather excited! Hair metal shows are among my most favorite concerts to attend. Possibly my MOST favorite. It's just all about having fun, being cheesy, jumping around, singing and screaming loudly and pumping those fists and lighters in the air.

Seriously, people...what could be better? =)

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Photo Blog Blast From The Past!

Right now, I'm wearing zebra mary jane shoes.
They are the most fabulous things since... my furry cheetah mary jane shoes.

I'm also scanning RANDOM photos from my past that I dug up from my old bedroom yesterday. Wow.

Amy & Jade photo shoot.

My band (at the time) and I with Imperial Drag. I look psychotic! Haha.

...and for you lovely Maroon 5 fans:

We knew these boys when they were Kara's Flowers back in the day. Played a show with them and even enlisted Mickey Madden (bass) for a photo shoot (featuring Jade as well). Who knew years later they'd turn into pop radio Grammy winners!

... and before Brandon Jordan was the punk rock revolutionist of KillRadio:

...he was a nice boy playing my sparkly guitar in my parent's living room, playing in my band, writing amazing pop songs about spacemen and going to Third Eye Blind concerts.

Here's a few more of fellow band mates of my old band, Shrinking Violet:

Good ole Spankthenun at the old school Record Outlet:

...and finally, Mr. Hot Pants Himself - Steven McDonald (Redd Kross):

o o o o o o o o o o

Wow, is it horrible to admit that my younger years just fucking rocked? Hehe. This was a fun little stroll down memory lane. I may have to make this random-pictures-from-my-past posting a regular occurance.

Thanks for sharing with me,

Weekend Warriors.

How was your weekend?

I'm pretty exhausted. On Friday night, the boyfriend made it home from work just in time for us to rush over to Studio Suite to see Ekphrasis play at around 11:45pm. Hung out with until about 2am, hit up some long avoided fast food and passed out around 3am.

On Saturday, we decided to have a few friends over so we spent the day cleaning up the place, which makes the apartment look even huger than it is. I love coming home to a clean, organized house. I also did the 3 Mile - Walk Away The Pounds exercise video which I am still so incredibly sore from. Picked up a couple $5 pizzas, wings and a bottle of Jack. I ended up being the only girl at our little shindig surrounded by a bunch of long haired rockers. And Brian. Hehe. I wasn't complaining. Until I made the hugest mistake of eating barely anything and consuming a few drinks of orange juice and vodka. A few drunk-off-my-ass Myspace and text messages later, I ended up darting for the bathroom and eventually passed out half naked in our bedroom. HAHAHA. Don't ask. Apparently, the boys didn't depart til around 6am but I was long passed out by then. That's the last time I drink anything with nothing in my stomach. By the way, if I sent you a silly drunken Myspace or text message, forgive me but I'm sure it was in some sort of loving context. Ha.

On Sunday, I woke up with the worst hangover known to man and spent all day curled up on our gargantuan leather couch until about 8pm where we dragged our tired arses over to Frankie's for some take-out dinner, bad VH1 reality specials and to take a sneak peek into Frankie's new album - freaking amazing! He also played us some songs that he would like us to work on and they sound really great. He also pulled out a CD of my old band, Shrinking Violet which was a freaking blast from the past and came up with the idea of re-doing "Outside The Inside".


Today, we will be celebrating Father's Day at this nifty steak house, Flemmings and then back to the diet. I've actually lost a bit of weight from just cutting out a handful of foods and adding at least 4 days of exercise to the week. Gotta keep that going. On Thursday, we're off to Cleveland for Steph & Tom's wedding, which I cannot wait for. I adore weddings and it's just amazing to see 2 friends join together in a wonderful ceremony and celebration. I'm a sap.

Well, I better get back to work. xoxo.

Modifique Par Zapato

Did you know you can fully customize a pair of Converse on the official Converse website?

Mr. Frankie told me and the boyfriend about it when we saw his super-duper-specialized Chuck's at rehearsal the other night. They looked awesome and the boy LOVED them so I kinda copped the same look (Thanks Frankie!) and customized a pair for him for his birthday:

o o o o o

Fuck yeah.

I'm pretty sure he doesn't read my blogs so I should be safe posting this here. Haha.

I ♥ Chip.

I had the privilege of hanging out with/ seeing Enuff Z Nuff and Chip about a month ago. They were fucking incredible live and Chip is one of the most gracious and caring musicians I've met in a LONG time. He's just a great person and am so happy to have befriended him. I am such a late bloomer sometimes when it comes to REALLY getting into some amazing bands (i.e. Enuff Z Nuff, Cheap Trick...). I know I've driven a couple friends crazy for being so delayed in loving certain bands. What can I say? I come from race cars and cock rock. Haha.

All I Need Is A Place In Your Heart (Still)

Well gee, it's been about 7 months since my last blurb. I am comforted to find my same friends still posting. I slightly miss this and I really should post regularly again. I need to hone the writing skills I once (allegedly) possessed.

I was recently asked to write a review for the new Cheap Trick album, "Rockford" that was just released on Tuesday for a great local online and print music magazine. Did I mention how fucking amazing this album is?

I am honored to do the write up for the album and am a bit nervous as well because I am a fairly new fan and it's been ages since I've written anything for review or scrutiny. It should be a great challenge and much needed exercise for the brain though.

o o o

The job is going well. I thoroughly enjoy working close with the music industry but far enough to avoid the truly intense drama. I recently accompanied my boss for a whirlwind business trip to Chicago, which was actually quite fun. I hate to admit it, but I'm starting to enjoy airplane travel. It's hard to explain. I still somewhat abhor the act of being suspended thousands of feet in the air but I love the whole process of packing, scurrying through the terminals and watching bad on-board movies accompanied with $5 snack boxes. It's quite entertaining.

o o o

My friends, Steph & Tom will be marrying in Ohio in less than 3 weeks and I'm actually looking forward to the trip to Cleveland and the few days at the boy's mom's house. There is something about Ohio that I really truly adore. Not enough to reside permanently but honestly, winter time in Cleveland is like a fantasy world for me. Look, I grew up in California where winter is peppered with trips to the beach and bbqs by the pool. The actual sight of snow and houses that look like they've been plucked from the movie, "The Christmas Story" delights and enthralls me to no end. And yes, the Clevelanders thought I was INSANE when I mentioned this. Haha.

o o o

Now, I must remember to return here and update frequently. The 3 years or so spent blogging my adventures on this silly website have provided amazing records of the large and small events of my life. It's amazing to look back and see how far you've come.
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W o w z a

Dear lord!
I have not updated in over 4 months.
I somehow grasped a whim to sign onto this thing amidst pure boredom.
I don't know how I drifted so.
Probably the Myspace.

So much has happened.
But most of you are on The Myspace to know of this.

I now reside in Sherman Oaks in a cozy little ... BIG apartment with the boy. It's everything I've wanted in a new abode. We've truly lucked out. And have also cursed ourselves to Cup O Noodle for the next year. Oh well. (hehe)

I find myself a tad homesick but not as bad as I imagined. It has only been a few days, however.
It is always time to move on to newer endeavors and new chapters in life.
But I still had a wonderful time living with my family. And memories to fill a large book.

In further news, the much anticipated Beyonder dinner/sleepover was postponed. I am forced to occupy the new apartment from 10am-8pm tomorrow and a Beyonder sleepover is NO Beyonder sleepover without a full evening of drunken indoor debauchery and a recovering breakfast the morning after. I was truly looking forward to this but I know we have many more to come.

So. Life is interesting.